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about the author

Hello, I currently am a college student going to an art school where I hope to graduate in Computer Animation. Miskui has always been a story on my mind ever since grade school and I decided to draft the prologue in hopes to get a better understanding of what I want for the story.

 Right now, However I am working on a story that's simply named 'Elvira' for the time being. I hope for it to become a Television series. I feel it's extremely marketable and exciting for kids to watch- I hope to see it on the small screen someday. I will post work of it soon. 

What is miskui?

Miskui is a servant at the Nivonan Castle because she is a blue Nivonan. Although she doesn't agree with the system that's been in place for hundreds of years, she believes there is no hope for her cause.

However, after her roommate is executed for a crime she never committed, Miskui returns to her dorm and discovers a book hidden under her former roommate's bed.

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THE color HIERARCHY for miskui

Black/White - Royals/Foreigners

Purple - Nobility
Red - White Collar, Leaders
Orange - White Collar, Leaders
Brown - Blue or White Collar Jobs
Yellow - Farmers, Blue Collar
Blue - Blue Collar, Gypsies
Green - Gypsies

Black/White are highest because they absorb/reflect all the other colors.

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what is "elvira"?

"Elvira" is a script I am currently working on for an 'epic adventure story' about finding immortality, set in a 'steampunk' future that has themes from ancient cultures.

If you would like to know more, please contact me.